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NEWS UPDATE: Cape Neddick River Bridge Collapses

The Cape Neddick Bridge collapse is the "single most significant damage" sustained by any state road or bridge during last weekend’s flooding rains, say state officials - and will take at least one year and $3 million to replace. The bridge buckled in the center after a middle pier collapsed under pressure from the Cape Neddick River over the weekend. Since then, it has sagged even further toward the river. Read more in "Cape Neddick Bridge ‘can’t be repaired’", May 18, 2006, Portsmouth Herald.

About The Cape Neddick River

Where is the Cape Neddick River watershed?

York River WatershedThe Cape Neddick River Watershed encompasses 6,660 acres, all of which lies in the town of York. Chase's Pond, at the headwaters, serves as a drinking supply for the York Water District. Within the watershed, over 1,700 acres are presently protected, representing over 26%.

The Water’s Journey
The Cape Neddick Watershed is entirely in the Town of York beginning on the forested slopes of Mt Agamenticus. The main stream and numerous tributaries are dammed to form the two mile long Chase’s Pond. From the dam the River travels southeast for a short distance, then turns to the northeast after flowing under the Maine Turnpike. It continues in this direction through a forested landscape for about a mile, where it gently bends back to flow southeast, meeting a few small tributaries over the course of its jour-ney. One major tributary from the north converges with the River shortly before it flows under Route 1 where it encounters a more developed landscape while coming under the influence of the tides. The tidal portion then gradually widens until its flow is restricted by the bridge crossing on Shore Road, after which it again widens and empties into the Gulf of Maine between Weare Point and Cape Neddick.

Watershed Facts

  • The watershed encompasses 6,660 acres, all of which lies in York
  • Chase’s Pond serves as a drinking supply for the York Water District
  • 1,723 acres are presently protected (26%)
  • York’s population grew 30.9% in the 90’s (3,036 new residents)
  • The Town assessed value for York is currently at $2,578,225,280.

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